Introducing WiClamp and BlueClamp App (iPad)

March 8, 2015

Our wireless current measurement kit is a solution for power monitoring. It consists of an AC current transducer and the WiClamp base. It is able to measure the TRUE RMS value of current in a cable and transmit measurement results wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy. With the support of BlueClamp App, the kit turns your iPad into a current monitoring device.

The clamp-shaped AC current transducer can stand Working Voltage up to 600 V CAT II. The range selection switch on the transducer provides two options of measurement range, 1-115 A RMS and 1-400 A RMS. The corresponding resolutions for two ranges are 0.3 A and 3 A respectively.

The WiClamp base is a small box with dimension of 60 x 36 x 15 mm. It wirelessly transmits one current RMS value approximately every one second. The Bluetooth working range is about 10 m. The WiClamp base has built-in rechargeable li-po battery.

On the software side, we have developed the BlueClamp App for WiClamp. This app is free on the App Store.


The BlueClamp App can connect up to 3 WiClamps, that means you can monitor 3 power lines at the same time. On the measurement page, user has individual control of adding and removing all 3 WiClamps separately. In the upper portion of the page, measurement results are presented in a data table. Max, Min, Average values are automatically calculated for easy reference. In the lower part, a real-time graph of 3 sensors is available. While user is still able to hide or unhide one plot individually. All measurement results can be easily exported and shared via email with one button push.

We have also enabled a simulation mode for those who don’t have WiClamp while still want to know more about this App. The simulation mode has almost all the major features of actual measurement mode.

This App has the potential of connecting even more WiClamp devices. Contact us for more details.
Here are the product page and the store page.
And our email:


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