Introducing WiMER 1

March 8, 2015

Are you using a digital measurement instrument like dial, caliper or micrometer? Have you even been caught in the situation that you don’t have access to the instrument reading, say the dial is in a long pipe to measure the inner diameter? Are you tired of taking down all of the readings and doing complex analysis? Have you thought getting rid of the small display screen while the external display is expensive and bulky? Here is our solution for you, it’s our WiMER Series 1 device.

WiMER stands for wireless measurement read. It’s not a measurement instrument, but it connects to almost all of the Mitutoyo digital instruments. No matter it is a caliper or a micrometer or a dial indicator, as long as it is from Mitutoyo and it has SPC digimatic output, WiMER 1 is able to obtain the current reading and transmits the result wirelessly to your iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy.

WiMER comes with the dimension of 60 x 45 x 25 mm. It has a 850 mAh rechargeable battery inside, which will allow for about 60 hours of usage time. WiMER has a micro USB connector at the bottom, used for both data input and charging. We have included a USB charging cable and an adaptor in the package, but since it is a standard micro USB port, you can basically use any normal USB charger like your phone charger to charge WiMER.

WiMER reads and sends measurement readings continuously at the rate of 5 or 10Hz. That means you will see 5 or 10 samples every one second. There is also one push button available on the top of WiMER. You can use it to trigger the recording of the single measurement value you want at any moment. This single recording function can also be achieved through a virtual button in the iOS Apps since sometimes it’s not a good idea to touch the instruments during the measurement once it is mounted on the fixture.

There is also one built-in angular sensor option with WiMER on request. Once angle measurement is enabled, you will see the tilt angle of WiMER. Imagining you are doing runout test, if you fix WiMER on a rotor, our App detects the rotating angle of WiMER, which is also the rotating angle of the rotor, and automatically records measurements at preset angular positions. Isn’t it cool?

Currently we have 4 Apps for WiMER, DialRead and DialFace on iPhone, DialReadPad and DialReadRotary on iPad. They can communicate with WiMER, record the reading and display with real-time plot. There are many other features like analog health indicator, PDF report generation, database saving, etc. We’ll get to more details in other future posts.

WiMER can be used for outer or inner diameter measurement, just as shown in the following pictures. It can also be applied to runout test, surface profile measurement and so on. We can customize both hardware and software to make WiMER system more capable and helpful for your specific application.

You can visit our product page or store for more details.  You can also reach us by sending email to


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