New WiMER 2 for Fowler Instruments

March 8, 2015

Even though WiMER Series 1 works with almost all Mitutoyo digimatic instruments and Mitutoyo has a pretty complete product line, we are still working on making WiMER compatible with more instruments from other major manufacturers. Now WiMER Series 2 for Fowler/Sylvac instruments is out!


WiMER Series 2 is the WiMER designed for Fowler/Sylvac users. It collects readings from Fowler/Sylvac instruments with RS232 outputs and transmits data wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy to iPhone/iPad. WiMER 2 is also able to power the instrument connected to it if needed.

WiMER 2 has the same parameter with WiMER 1. All the hardware options like 5/10 Hz sampling rate, angle measurement, trigger button are all available with WiMER 2. At the same time, WiMER 2 is also compatible with all the iOS apps developed for WiMER 1.

As usual, you can visit our product page  or store for more details.  You can also reach us to discuss more customization options by sending email to


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