WiMER Series 3 for Mitutoyo Linear Gage

March 9, 2015

WiMER Series 3 is another variant we recently add to the WiMER product line. It is developed for Mitutoyo Linear Gage with 90º phase difference, differential square wave. WiMER 3 is also equipped with the wireless data transmission ability via Bluetooth Low Energy like normal WiMER, helping you get rid of expensive and bulky signal conditioner.



WiMER 3 has a Hirose 6pin connector, which connects to majority of Mitutoyo Linear Gage and directly powers the Gage. That’s why WiMER 3 is equipped with a big 1950 mAh rechargeable battery.

WiMER 3 also comes with the hardware options of different sampling frequency, angle measurement and trigger button. It should be mentioned that WiMER 3 can even increase its sampling rate to 20 Hz and it is also able to connect to a second channel input. These are the advantages WiMER 3 over the other WiMERs.

As for software, WiMER 3 is compatible with all the iOS apps developed for WiMER 1.

To find out more about WiMER 3, you can visit its product page or store page. You can also reach us to discuss more customization options by sending email to info@motionics.com.

In the end, there are two short demon videos showing how WiMER 3 works with Mitutoyo LVDT and our Apps. Enjoy~



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