Wireless Analogy Measurement Device for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

November 10, 2011

Great News!
The first version of the Wireless Analog Measurement Device for smartphones and tablets is out!

This device can wirelessly  measure voltages, or any signals from different sensors (temperature, vibration features, oil properties), transmit to any smartphone or tablet device (iPhone/iPad/Android).

It can be used as a multimeter, temperature sensor or any wireless measurement device for signal measurement and remote monitoring of machinery.


  • Wi-Fi signal transmission to iPhone/iPad
  • Easy-to-use BNC probe connector
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB charging connection with cable
  • No need to connect to the device (Yes, it IS wireless!)
  • Extra modules for vibration and temperature measurements
  • Available iPhone/iPad Apps to monitor and save the signal
  • Cloud-based data base to send the measurements to the Dropbox and to the computer
  • Measurement capability of up to 8 channels

The device is still under the development and test phases by Motionics and GTI Spindle Technology and will be out in our product list soon!

Contact us for the details.



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