MultiGage Reader for WiMER and BlueDial to Wirelessly Collect Readings

By using Motionics WiMER and BlueDial hardware products that wirelessly collect readings, you will be making displacement measurements simple and more efficient.

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-3-24-36-pmThe MultiGage Reader app contains the same functions as the DialRead app but now allows users to be able to connect up to 15 WiMER or BlueDial hardware and receive reading from all of them at the same time.


Each device will be assigned with an individual panel to display measurement reading, device rotating angle, max, min TIR and average value. The image below provides an exact model.


Users are able to disconnect/add more devices without interfering with the other device measurements that are taking place. MultiGage Reader is an ideal tool for simultaneously measuring different locations along a long pipe or shaft.



For data recording, MultiGage Reader provides two options: continuous recording or single recording. Continuous recording is capable of up to 10 samples/sec while the single recording takes place by tapping a button. This data can then be plotted in a user interaction enabled graphs or exported in a CSV file via email for further assessment.




The new update for MultiGage Reader iPad version provides analog dial view. This means users can see not only the digital reading values, but also analog dial faces with needle spinning, just like the traditional dial indicator. A TIR indicator bar next to the dial face offers a quick glance at the current TIR value compared to preset threshold with changing length and color. This tool is very convenient for GO/NG judgement.



In conclusion this new smart device app, MultiGage, allows for a simpler and more efficient way to wirelessly collect readings using Motionics hardware products.








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