WiMER Uno Wireless Transmitter for Data Collection: The Gage That Speaks To You

WiMER Uno the wireless transmitter for data collection, is one of a kind and just gained a new product feature. If you haven’t heard of Motionics WiMER Uno product it is a data collector and wireless transmitter for Mitutoyo digital instruments that don’t usually require continuous data streaming, for example calipers and micrometers. If you are interested in continuous data streaming, go and check out WiMER1.


Within the WiMER Uno free app provided by Motionics, you can now have it read out each measurement as it is being recorded in real-time. This voice feature allows you to speed up or slow down the rate in which the measurements are read and it also has 10 different language options.

This video shows the voice application in use.


This feature was developed based on a request received from one of Motionics customers who’s workers were visually impaired. Now as they are working they can hear the measurement and place statistically significant parts to the side creating a more streamline process.

Motionics is willing and able to modify their products to fit your companies needs, all you need to do is reach out.




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