Mitutoyo U-WAVE Capabilities Compared to Motionics WiMER Uno

A common question we receive is, “How is Mitutoyo’s U-WAVE different than Motionics WiMER Uno?” So today, we are going to go through both U-WAVE capabilities and WiMER Uno’s capabilities to properly answer this question.

Mitutoyo’s U-WAVE system enables easy wireless data communication from a measuring tool to a PC using the Digimatic protocol. This allows for improvement in measurement efficiency by eliminating the long and cumbersome data cables. This interface allows data to be loaded into any software product that accepts keyboard input, such as Excel or Notepad. There are two different components of Mitutoyo U-WAVE. The first is U-WAVE-T which units transmit data from measuring tools to U-WAVE-R. Then U-WAVE-R loads data received from U-WAVE-T into a PC software package via a USB port.

U-WAVE product benefits include:

1. Up to 100 measuring tools can be connected to one U-Wave-R unit

2. Wireless operation improves efficiency in measurement data recording

3. Data communication range up to 60ft is possible

4. One U-WAVE battery will last for about 10 months.


Now, Motionics WiMER Uno has made sure to preserve the same great benefits as Mitutoyo U-Wave. These include the standard 10 pin connector for Mitutoyo digimatic SPC data cables, data capturing that can be triggered by a foot switch, hand switch or the data button, and allowing measurement data to be easily entered into in Excel/Notepad. What WiMER Uno does offer that is different from U-Wave is the capability to wirelessly send measurement readings to iOS/Android/Windows devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. Motionics provides free apps for each product. The apps that would connect to WiMER Uno include MultiGage Reader for iOS and DialReading for Android. For Windows, free software is provided upon purchase of the product. The big perk to this is that there is no receiver needed for iOS/Android mobile devices. The only extra device required is a miniature USB dongle but this is only used for PC communication and comes at a very affordable price of $25.00.

Key Features and benefits include

1. No receiver needed for iOS/Android devices

2. Free engineering Apps/Software iOS/Android/Windows

3. Multiple device simultaneous reading

4. Customizable reading decimal accuracy

5. Data voice read with 10+ languages

6. Data record and CSV export

7. Quick custom PDF report with results, graphs, image, logo, signature, map and GPS location

8. Keyboard input for Excel/Notepad on PC.

9. Rechargeable LiPo battery

You can visit our product page or store for more details and specs.  You can also reach us by sending email to



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