Update: Vibration Data Collection Using iPhone with the VibraTestPro App

Record and see the vibration data in less than 1 minute! Our VibraTestPro app gets a new update for vibration data recording.

This video demonstrates how to collect vibration accelerometer raw data using iPhone and an external accelerometer with Motionics VibraTestPro App.

It allows you to select the data collection sampling frequency (44100, 22050, 11025 Hz), and also allows you to select the recording mode. You can choose to stop the recording manually or let the app automatically do it for you after 1 or 5 or 10 or 30 seconds.

The recorded data can be exported as a CSV file through Email, message, Dropbox, or it can be wirelessly transferred to your Apple computer using AirDrop. If you have mobile Excel installed on your phone, you can also directly import it to Excel. (New update on March 31, now it supports WAV file export too).

The video also demonstrates how to open the CSV file in Excel and see the vibration data graph in time domain!

See more about the App in Motionics webpage:

VibraTestProIcon The Vibra Test Pro App is a tool for evaluating vibration severity of rotating machines from 120 to 15,000 RPM based on the ISO standard 10816-3.

Vibra Test Pro enables automatic vibration signal collection and velocity RMS calculation on iPhone with connected external DAQ hardware. Users can continuously monitor the vibration severity updates for testing machines.

Vibra Test Pro is compatible with our Vibration Analysis Kit and Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester. For users who don’t have required DAQ hardware, Vibra Test Pro retains the feature of manual input of vibration velocity RMS in its free version variant Vibra Test.

Download the App:


Here is our DialRead App for iPhone

March 8, 2015

We have developed a few iOS Apps for WiMER device. This post will show the features of one of them called DialRead.

DialRead App connects to WiMER and reads the readings from any micrometer, caliper, dial indicator or any other digital measurement instruments with SPC output. This system allows you to have a wireless bluetooth measurement device and read the values directly from your iPhone. Click the icon below to get it for free on the App Store.


Now let’s go through some screenshots of DialRead and get to know all the features it has.

– In the main menu, you can connect a device, start a new session, view recorded measurements, run demo and change settings


– There are various setup options available in Setting page, like sampling rate, unit, decimal accuracy, etc


– When you go to the measurement page and start a new session, you can add Machine ID through QR reader. You can also add machine image from device library or camera


– When a session starts, there will be a real-time plot displayed during data collection. In the continuous mode, the plot keeps updating continuously as data is transmitted by WiMER at a constant pace


– On the same page, you can choose to turn on analog dial and show more signal information


– If you are recording measurement in the single mode, you can tap read button on screen or pushing button on device to record reading at any moment you need to keep the reading


– You have access to a list of previous recordings in View Measurements page. There are options of viewing plots, generating report, synchronizing with Dropbox or emailing CSV file


– In viewing plots page, you can post-process waveform plot. Pinch/Pan/Zoom are enabled on this page


– We also include the feature of generating polar plot for testing result


– Finally is the PDF report generation session. You can include all testing information in this session


– Inserting machine image, TIR indicator, waveform and polar plot to report are also available


– In the end of the report, you can add signature and location information to report. The report is ready for printing or emailing


Wireless Analogy Measurement Device for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

November 10, 2011

Great News!
The first version of the Wireless Analog Measurement Device for smartphones and tablets is out!

This device can wirelessly  measure voltages, or any signals from different sensors (temperature, vibration features, oil properties), transmit to any smartphone or tablet device (iPhone/iPad/Android).

It can be used as a multimeter, temperature sensor or any wireless measurement device for signal measurement and remote monitoring of machinery.


  • Wi-Fi signal transmission to iPhone/iPad
  • Easy-to-use BNC probe connector
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB charging connection with cable
  • No need to connect to the device (Yes, it IS wireless!)
  • Extra modules for vibration and temperature measurements
  • Available iPhone/iPad Apps to monitor and save the signal
  • Cloud-based data base to send the measurements to the Dropbox and to the computer
  • Measurement capability of up to 8 channels

The device is still under the development and test phases by Motionics and GTI Spindle Technology and will be out in our product list soon!

Contact us for the details.